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Fitness Center Policies Exercise Room Policies Medical Policy Disclaimer

Group Exercise Class Registration

  1. Click "Group Exercise Class Registration." (Bookmark this page!)
  2. Click "LogIn"; You will be prompted to create an account the first time.     
  3. Be sure to use your Worcester State University email address. 
  4. Please note: Faculty/Staff will need to pay the semester fee of $75 for unlimted classes. The $75 semester fee (faculty/staff only) will include unlimited classes during that semester period, you will only need to pay once during that semester period.  
  5. Select the open class you wish to register for by clicking "Sign Up".
  6. Classes will open for registration 48 hours before it begins and closes an hour prior to it begins. 
  7. Carefully read the waiver and click  "Accept" and then “Sign Up”.
  8. After you accept the waiver, you are registered. 
  9. Bring your one card and arrive at the designated location 10 minutes before the start time, encouraged.
  10. Your registration will be forfeited if you do not check in 5 minutes before the start time.
  11. To cancel your class registration, go back to the Group Exercise Class Registration page at least an hour before the class.

Fitness Center Policies & Procedures

  1. Cardiovascular machine use is limited to thirty (30) minutes during peak times.
  2. Equipment must be wiped down after each use with provided cleaner/towels.
  3. All dumbbells, weights and weight plates must be re-racked after use.
  4. All equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed. Standing on benches or equipment frames is prohibited.
  5. Intentionally slamming or dropping weight(s) is prohibited.
  6. Report all injuries to the Wellness Center staff immediately so we can respond accordingly.
  7. Individuals are responsible for checking equipment prior to each use. Broken or damaged equipment and/or equipment malfunctions should be reported to the Wellness Center staff immediately.
  8. Appropriate exercise attire such as T-shirts; soft-soled, non-marking closed toe/heel athletic shoes; and athletic pants/shorts is required at all times.  Sandals, sport bras (abdomens must be covered); bare feet, steel-toed boots, and jeans are not permitted.
  9. Personal belongings must be kept in a day use locker or cubby where they are available. Items left out and unattended will be subject to our Wellness Center lost and found policy.
  10. Water must be in an enclosed, unbreakable container.  Food, chewing gum and other drinks are prohibited. These liquids can cause damage/stain to the floor surfaces and ruin equipment.
  11. The use of cell phones is prohibited, unless for a personal music device with headphones.
  12. Wellness Center staff reserve the right to stop participants from improper use of the equipment. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the facility with appropriate follow-up, including enforcement of code of conduct violation penalties and/or revocation of membership privileges.
  13. All users must agree to demonstrate care in the use of all equipment and understand that they may not bring in any outside/personal exercise equipment- unless approved by Fitness Center Manager.
  14. Weight collars must be used on barbells at all times and participants are required to work with a spotter for all free weight lifting when appropriate.
  15. All incidents, injuries and defective equipment should be immediately reported to a member of the Wellness Center staff .
  16. Cameras, including cell phones, are not allowed in the Wellness Center at any time unless written approval has been obtained from an administrative staff member of the Wellness Center.
  17. Be considerate to other people using the facility and allow others to work in. Do not sit, rest, or socialize on the equipment.
  18. Please warm up prior to using the equipment and cool down afterwards.
  19. Do not drop weights (olympic lifting can be dropped from below the waist in designated areas). If you can’t control it, don’t lift it.
  20. The use of hand chalk is prohibited. Chalk (including liquid chalk) creates a messy environment for all users. We encourage the use of wraps and other lifting aides. 
  21. Limit excessive noise, which may distract other patrons.
  22. All equipment must remain in the Fitness Center and its respective floor.
  23. Personal training and instruction is limited to Athletics and Wellness Center staff. Instruction for pay or trade by outside entities is strictly prohibited and could jeopardize membership privileges for all parties involved.
  24. When the 2nd floor is not staffed, access can and will be granted to members by first checking into the 1st floor and requesting access. Members can then take the elevator to get to the 2nd floor of the fitness center. 

Exercise Room(s) Policies & Procedures

  1. Registration is strongly encouraged, walk ins are welcomed if there is room in the class.
  2. Group exercise classes have participant limits that must be followed.
  3. No admittance is allowed into classes more than 5 minutes after the class begins after it has begun.
  4. No food, gum or drink, other than water in a non-breakable, re-sealable container, is permitted.
  5. Black soled shoes are not allowed in the studio. Non marking sneakers must be worn at all times (unless in a yoga class or other approved class).
  6. Please clean all equipment after use with provided towels and disinfectant solution.
  7. Only Wellness Center staff members and instructors are permitted to use the stereo system and access storage closet equipment unless otherwise directed by the instructor or staff.
  8. Do not lean on or put any equipment against the mirrors.
  9. No sharp objects or heavy objects of any kind should be put on/left on the studio floor.
  10. When using the studio on a “drop-in” basis, other individuals and groups must be permitted use of the space. Users must follow Wellness Center Audio Policies.
  11. All room reservations must be coordinated with an administrative staff member of the Wellness Center.
  12. All equipment issues and concerns should be reported to the Wellness Center staff immediately.
  13. Athletics and Recreation staff has the final say on all approved activities in the studio.
  14. Please follow the instructor’s routine and keep conversation to a minimum for your safety and the safety of others.
  15. Always be courteous to the instructor and your fellow participants; silence cell phones and refrain from distracting others during class.
  16. We highly encourage you to stay for the class’ entirety for safety concerns.
  17. We strongly encourage all of our patrons to consult with their healthcare providers before starting any exercise program.
  18. Entering a class in progress is prohibited, no late entry. Please be on time and refrain from entering the classroom before the current class has finished.
  19. Return equipment to the proper storage areas when class is finished.
  20. Appropriate exercise attire such as T-shirts; soft-soled, non-marking, closed-toe athletic shoes; and athletic pants/shorts is required at all times. Sandals sports bras, bare feet, steel-toed boots and jeans are not permitted.
  21. Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby where available.
  22. Water must be in an enclosed, unbreakable container. Food, chewing gum and drinks are prohibited.


Medical Policy

Participation in all athletics and recreational sports programs is on a voluntary basis. Worcester State Universityand the State of Massachusetts are not liable for any injuries, damages or other losses which individuals may incur while using recreational sports facilities or participating in recreational sports programs provided by the Department of Athletics and Wellness. Individuals specifically assume all risks of injuries, damages, or other losses while using any university equipment or facilities at Worcester, or while participating in any program, exercise or activity at Worcester or on Worcester State University's premises.



Worcester State University reserves the right to take photos of University students on campus. These photos may be used in university publications, marketing materials, or on the university websites.


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