Worcester State University Athlete Mentor Program

Our mission is to provide extra support for first-year student-athletes to make a connection with upperclassmen in athletics. The Athlete Mentor program plays a critical function in the academic and social acclimation of first-year student-athletes.


The program focuses on four specific areas including:

Acting As A Knowledgable Resource To Peers - An Athlete Mentor should be someone who teammates can talk with if they have a problem with any area of their lives, not restricted to team issues. Should an issue arise, student-athletes are not obligated to inform any member of the athletic department, but are urged to direct their peers to the appropriate resources on campus or in the community.

The Athlete Mentor also serves as an academic resource, offering learning strategies, study skills and time management techniques for academic success.

Hold Regular Meetings With Teams Freshman - The team Athlete Mentor will split the freshman among them and each of those Athlete Mentors will meet with their assigned freshman at least once a month.

Support And Uphold The Ideals of the Athletic Department, In And Out Of The Athletic Arena - Athlete Mentors hold a position of leadership and responsibility in the college community and need to act accordingly whether they are in academic, athletic or social settings.

The Student/Athlete Mentor relationship is built on trust, gained through frequent interaction and working together.


For more information about the Athlete Mentor Program, please contact Kelly Downs at kdowns@worcester.edu.


2016-17 Athlete Mentor Roster

Allison Baker

Field Hockey

Jessica Wilding

Field Hockey

Jolane Thibault

Field Hockey

Alexa Harvey

Women's Lacrosse

Kristen Pessa

Women's Lacrosse

Beth Spinazzola

Women's Soccer

Justine Butler

Women's Soccer

Courtney Salisbury


Samantha Orner


Nathalie Khafaga

Women's Tennis

Kaleigh Flagg

Women's XC/Track

Emily Visconti

Women's Track

Megan Rouillard

Volleyball/ Women's Track

Emily Carens

Volleyball/ Women's Basketball

Paul Brooks

Men's Basketball

Chris Walles


Dan Orlando


Derek Moore


Nick Belley


Samuel Weeks

Football/ Men's Track

William Whearty

Men's XC/Track

Eddie Peladeau

Men's Golf

Alex Pommerville

Men's Ice Hockey

Crissostomos Villarreal

Men's Ice Hockey

James Lenoir

Men's Ice Hockey

Eric Davis

Men's Soccer

Bradleigh Saltsman


Christian Cedullo 

Men's Track


Co-Presidents: Allison Baker and Paul Brooks



Worcester State Student Athlete Mentor Program Wraps Up School Year with Pen Pal Meet-and-Greet at May Street School

Worcester State Student Athlete Mentor Program Wraps Up School Year with Pen Pal Meet-and-Greet at May Street School

May 11, 2016 - The Worcester State University Athlete Mentor Program (AMP) wrapped up the 2015-16 school year with a meet-and-greet field day at the May Street School last week.

 Back in the fall, the Worcester State AMP setup a pen pal exchange with the students of the May Street School. They then wrote back-and-forth to each other throughout the school year on topics of school, hobbies, and sports.
Last week the students had the opportunity to meet their pen-pals face-to-face and have some fun with games such as kick ball outdoors and indoor activates such as board games, coloring, and reading.

To read more please click this link.


Worcester State Athlete Mentor Program Teams up with May Street School 

December 2, 2015 - The Worcester State University Athlete Mentors Program (AMP) is teaming up with the May Street School for the week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4 to assist with day-to-day classroom activities.

Every day this week, a group of Worcester State University’s AMP members are going next door to the May Street School to work with 4th graders in the classroom.

Each AMP member works with the students on subjects such as math, reading, and social studies. Whether they are helping the students read a book, or assisting with math problems, it incorporates fun into learning, and allows strong relationships to flourish between the 4th graders and Worcester State’s student-athletes.

To read more please click on this link.


Athlete Mentors Host Field Day For Elm Park Elementary School

March 12, 2014

On Friday, May 2 the Worcester State Student-Athlete Mentors hosted a Field Day on Coughlin Field with the fourth grade of the Elm Park Elementary School.

The mentors, who had been writing pen pal letters since the end of February, also had the opportunity to meet and the person on the other side of the exchange. There were approximately 50 mentors in attendance and there were roughly 55 elementary school students who attended the event.

To read more please click on this link.