On Campus Wellness Resources

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INTELLECTUAL: Become a life-long learning- contiune to develop ideas. 

EMOTIONAL: Learn from Life's ups and downs, recognize your emotions and learn to respond and grow. 

ENVIRONMENTAL: Connect with something larger than yourself, and empower others while contributing to the grreater good. Your surrounding facilitates your personal development.

FINANCIAL: Balance and manage what you have, save wisely and spend responsibly. 

OCCUPATIONAL: Find your purpose beyond that work-life balance What brings joy and meaning to you. Even find your purpose beyond your career. 

PHYSICAL: Getting you moving and feeling great! The intersection of activity and rest-driven renewal. 

SOCIAL: Feeling that sense of belonging and involvement on our beautiful campus through your interactions based on your interests and passions. 

SPIRITUAL: Achieved when your core values and beliefs tie you to a sense of something larger than yourself and empower you to act according to those beliefs.

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