Worcester State University Athletic Hall of Fame

Worcester State University has a long and proud history of athletic accomplishments, dating back to our founding Worcester Normal School. Today, Worcester State boasts 20 varsity teams in men’s and women’s athletics and is a Division III member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Worcester State University Athletic Hall of Fame inducted its first class in 1986 and since then has honored the accomplishments of student-athletes, coaches, and honorary inductees with distinction.

Nominations for the Class of 2020 are now closed. The nomination form for the Class of 2022 will open in the fall. 

If you have any questions please contact Sean Morrow, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations & Engagement at smorrow@worcester.edu.


Hall of Fame Committee

Debra Tambeau '74, Chair
Steven Hennigan '77, M. Ed. '82, Vice Chair
John Ahern '80
Steve Bostic '77, M. Ed. '86
Kim Cosenza '09
Patricia Espinosa '03
Matthew Heenan '05
David Meyers '76 - Alumni Association Advisory Board Representative
Thomas "Tiger" White '76
Ann Zelesky '73

Ex Officio Members
Michael Mudd, Director of Athletics
Sean Morrow, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Curtis Fraser, Sports Information Director


Alphabetical Listing of All Inductees


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Class of 2018 Sport Inducted
Patricia (Cushing) Espinosa '03 Women's Basketball/Soccer
Richard Gliesman '74 Contributor (Ice Hockey)
Michaella Mahoney '12 Softball
Sean Mahoney '98 Football
Kimberly Massa '07 Women's Lacrosse/Soccer
1980 Club Football Team  
Class of 2016 Sport Inducted
Lauren A. (Cush) Domermuth ’09
Women's Soccer
Lawrence T. “Bear” Dunn ’06 Baseball
Matthew Heenan ’05 Baseball
Robert A. Langston ’79 Track & Field/Football
Jillian A. LaPlante ’02 Softball
John P. Brissette ’88 Honorary Member
1984 Club Football Team  
Class of 2013 Sport Inducted
Rochelle (Lavoie) Castell '05 Women's Volleyball/Basketball/Softball
Olaseni Fujah '07 Track & Field
Ann (Clark) Woodard '07 Women's Lacrosse/Field Hockey
Justin Vallas '05 Men's Soccer
Bruce Stearns '89 Track & Field
Marvin Degon Coach/Contributor - (Ice Hockey)
Class of 2011 Sport Inducted
Chad Cosby '03 Baseball
W. Mack Hill Contributor
Cean Oksanish '04 Football/Baseball
Amy L. (Ruffo) Panechelli '00 Softball
Lisa J. Stockdale '00 Field Hockey/Softball
Paul A. Welcome '61 Men's Basketball
Class of 2009  
Arthur G. Chaves `54 Baseball
Grace M. Flynn Contributor - Athletics Secretary
Steven R. Hennigan `77 Track & Field
Katherine B. O'Connor '02 Women's Soccer
Debra F. (DiPadua) Tambeau `74 Field Hockey
Greg Wood `03 Football

Class of 2008

Mark S. Bockus '77 Track & Field
Kevin S. Gniadek '02 Football
Peggy Sue (Seymour) Hummel '92 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
Julie A. (Pramas) Kazarian '98 Track & Field
Alexander G. Fotiades '50 Men's Basketball, Contributor
Class of 2007  
Bert Bolduc '61 Men's Basketball
Renee Marcotte '99 Women's Basketball
Anthony Price '88 Men's Basketball
Ed Titus '51 Coach/Contributor (Men's Tennis)
Eric Swedberg '02 Baseball
Class of 2006  
Arthur Belmonte '77 Track & Field
Maura Cushing '00 Women's Soccer
Stanley Egbor '01 Track & Field
Tim Leonard '01 Baseball
Anthony Shooshan '51 Baseball
Mike Stomski '81 Coach/Contributor (Track & Field)
1983-84 Golf Team  
Class of 2005  
Greg Crum '00 Football
Maureen Feyre Febonino '83 Women's Basketball, Softball
Don Howard '51 Men's Basketball
John Schaper Contributor (Athletic Trainer)
1973-74 Ice Hockey Team  
Class of 2004  
Bruce Baker Contributor
Andrew J. Krustapentus '81 Track & Field
Tara Tokarz '97 Field Hockey
Bill Cronan '62 Baseball
Roland Henrie '95 Ice Hockey
Class of 2003  
Elke Aun '97 Track & Field
Frank J. Bowen '94 Football, Men's Basketball, Baseball
John E. Bowler '98 Men's Basketball
Melissa Crowley '96 Women's Soccer
Paul M. Joseph '70 Contributor (SID/Dean of Students)
Class of 2002  
Jason M. Akana '96 Baseball
Lori (Davis) Bukowski '94 Women's Basketball, Softball
Curtis P. Degon '96 Ice Hockey
Timothy C. Ethier '73 Men's Tennis, Men's Basketball
Scott E. Holland '97 Football
Francis J. Shea '71 Contributor
The 1964 Baseball Team  
Class of 2001  
Timothy Corcoran '89 Ice Hockey
Ronald Elkind '59 Baseball
Brian Fitzpatrick '95 Football
Gary Pierce '94 Football
Carol (Blute) Ryan '77 Field Hockey
Class of 2000  
John E. Coleman '72 Ice Hockey
James E. Girouard Coach/Contributor (Football)
Jessica (Murphy) Jenkins '93 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
Francine A. Lapierre '90 Track & Field
1976-77 Ice Hockey Team  
Class of 1999  
John Coughlin, Jr. Coach/Contributor (Ice Hockey)
Carrie Gladden '92 Women's Basketball, Softball
Charles Nunny J. George, Jr. '60 Men's Basketball
Alan Pettway '94 Men's Basketball
1980 Women's Basketball Team  
Class of 1998  
Sandra Gentile '76 Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball
Francis Joubert '63 Baseball
Gary Jusseaume '73 Cross Country, Track & Field
James Quinn '84 Baseball
Joan O'Donnell '87 Women's Basketball
Class of 1997  
Brian Allain '80 Ice Hockey
Rachel (Bishop) Economos '92 Softball
Jeanne Forget-Bombara '72 Women's Basketball, Softball
Paul Gaffney '89 Track & Field
James McCullough '79 Ice Hockey
Oscar Larsson Contributor (Athletic Trainer)
Class of 1996  
Paula MacKoul-Cofman '92 Softball
James Murphy '83 Football, Men's Basketball
Richard "Okie" O'Connor Coach/Contributor (Track & Field)
Carol Ringer '88 Volleyball, Women's Basketball
Paul Sundstrom '66 Baseball
Richard Todd '77 Ice Hockey
Kenneth Troy '76 Track & Field
Class of 1995  
Robert Devlin Coach/Contributor (Men's Golf)
Robert Eramo '83 Ice Hockey, Baseball
Arthur Gazal '73 Cross Country, Men's Basketball, Track & Field
Kevin Morrissey '90 Football
Sandra Nelson '72 Women's Basketball, Softball
Gayle Wallace '90 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
Class of 1994  
Donald Bergan '75 Cross Country, Track & Field
Michael Correa '73 Ice Hockey
Patricia (Ethier) Marois '77 Women's Tennis
Dr. Reza Namin '82 Men's Soccer
Margaret Nugent '59 Coach/Contributor (Women's Tennis/Volleyball)
Joan (Bromley) Siska '74 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
Class of 1993  
Patrick F. Carmody '86 Football
Donna Devlin Coach/Contributor (Women's Basketball)
John Ethier '74 Men's Tennis
Renee La Chapelle-Weihm '84 Women's Basketball, Softball
Donna (Lapriore) Potenti '77 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
John Smith '87 Football
Class of 1992  
Janet Demars Coach/Contributor (Field Hockey)
Francis Dyson Coach/Contributor (Men's Basketball)
Terrance O'Hara '61 Baseball
Heather Putnam-Graham '76 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
James Ridick '74 Men's Basketball
Sandra Robichaud '81 Field Hockey
Mark Williams '78 Men's Basketball
Class of 1991  
Lois (Ford) Batbouta '72 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
Denise (Desorcy) Collins '79 Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball
Ronald Dunham '70 Men's Basketball
John Hehir '73 Ice Hockey, Baseball
Joseph Rinaldi '73 Ice Hockey
Class of 1990  
Scott Fairbanks '84 Men's Golf
James Gorman '70 Ice Hockey
John Mockler Coach/Contributor (Baseball)
Philip Moresi '68 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Lynne Olsen '78 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball
  Coach/Contributor (Softball)
Robert Pahigian '66 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Class of 1989  
George Albro '65 Men's Basketball
John Eager Men's Basketbal, Baseball
William Leach '62 Baseball
Dr. Robert Reidy, Jr. '68 Ice Hockey, Baseball
John F. Coughlin, Sr. Coach/Contributor (Ice Hockey)
Richard Lamothe '64 Baseball
Patricia Provost '73 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball
Class of 1988  
Donald Cushing '66 Men's Basketball
Paige Rowden '54 Men's Basketball
J. Michael Staiti '65 Baseball
Joseph Gill '74 Men's Tennis
John Hoogasian '71 Track & Field
Catherine (Westall) Kuzmeskus '81 Women's Basketball
Class of 1987  
Ernest Kapatoes '67 Baseball
John Regele '56 Baseball
JoAnne Medeiros '81 Women's Basketball, Softball
Robert Nicoletti, Jr. '65 Men's Golf, Men's Basketball
Stephen Kokernak '63 Men's Basketball
Richard Riley, Jr. '76 Cross Country, Track & Field
Class of 1986  
Ann (Ash) Zelesky '73 Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Softball
John Dupuis '77 Track & Field
James Ferdella '68 Men's Basketball
H. William Ferris '57 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Matthew Hehir '71 Ice Hockey
Kevin Lyons '65 Baseball



Please contact Curtis Fraser, Sports Information Director, at cfraser2@worcester.edu if you have any edits or updates to this list or any Hall of Famer biographies.